Harbours Act, 1996


5.—(1) The Harbours Acts, 1946 to 1976, shall stand repealed in relation to—

(a) a harbour in respect of which a company is established pursuant to section 7 , on the relevant vesting day,

(b) a harbour in respect of which an order is made under section 87 , on the day specified in the order for that purpose,

(c) a harbour to which an order under section 88 relates, on the commencement of that order.

(2) Each enactment mentioned in column (2) of the Second Schedule is hereby repealed to the extent specified in column (3) of that Schedule.

(3) So much of any enactment mentioned in the Third Schedule to the Act of 1946 or of any instrument made under any such enactment that is in force immediately before the commencement of this subsection and is inconsistent with any provision of this Act or any instrument made thereunder shall cease to have effect as on and from such commencement.

(4) The enactments mentioned in the Fourth Schedule to the Act of 1946 shall not apply in relation to a company.