Waste Management Act, 1996

Community acts given effect to by this Act.

2.—The purposes for which the provisions of this Act are enacted include the purpose of giving effect to the Community acts specified in the Table to this section.


Council Directive 75/439/EEC of 16 June, 1975 on the disposal of waste oils1

Council Directive 75/442/EEC of 15 July, 1975 on waste2

Council Directive 76/403/EEC of 6 April, 1976 on the disposal of polychlorinated biphenyls and polychlorinated terphenyls3

Council Directive 80/68/EEC of 17 December, 1979 on the protection of groundwater against pollution caused by certain dangerous substances4

Council Directive 85/337/EEC of 27 June, 1985 on the assessment of the effects of certain public and private projects on the environment5

Council Directive 86/278/EEC of 12 June, 1986 on the protection of the environment, and in particular of the soil, when sewage sludge is used in agriculture6

Council Directive 87/101/EEC of 22 December, 1986 amending Directive 75/439/EEC on the disposal of waste oils7

Council Directive 87/217/EEC of 19 March, 1987 on the prevention and reduction of environmental pollution by asbestos8

Council Directive 89/369/EEC of 8 June, 1989 on the prevention of air pollution from new municipal waste incineration plants9

Council Directive 91/156/EEC of 18 March, 1991 amending Directive 75/442/EEC on waste10

Council Directive 91/157/EEC of 18 March, 1991 on batteries and accumulators containing dangerous substances11

Council Directive 91/271/EEC of 21 May, 1991 concerning urban waste water treatment12

Council Directive 91/689/EEC of 12 December, 1991 on hazardous waste13

Commission Directive 93/86/EEC of 4 October, 1993 adapting to technical progress Council Directive 91/157/EEC on batteries and accumulators containing certain dangerous substances14

Council Regulation (EEC) No. 259/93 of 1 February, 1993 on the supervision and control of shipments of waste within, into and out of the European Community15

European Parliament and Council Directive 94/62/EC of 20 December, 1994 on packaging and packaging waste16

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