Heritage Act, 1995

Functions of Council.

6.—(1) The functions of the Council shall be to propose policies and priorities for the identification, protection, preservation and enhancement of the national heritage, including monuments, archaeological objects, heritage objects, architectural heritage, flora, fauna, wildlife habitats, landscapes, seascapes, wrecks, geology, heritage gardens and parks and inland waterways.

(2) References to the National Monuments Advisory Council, the Historic Monuments Council or the Wildlife Advisory Council in any enactment or instrument made thereunder shall, where appropriate, be construed as references to the Council.

(3) The Council shall in particular—

(a) promote interest, education, knowledge and pride in, and facilitate the appreciation and enjoyment of the national heritage,

(b) co-operate with public authorities, educational bodies and other organisations and persons in the promotion of the functions of the Council,

(c) promote the coordination of all activities relating to the functions of the Council.