Civil Legal Aid Act, 1995

Legal Aid Fund.

19.—(1) The Board shall, subject to such conditions as may, with the consent of the Minister for Finance, be prescribed by the Minister, establish and maintain a fund to be known as the Legal Aid Fund.

(2) The Fund shall consist of all resources of the Board, including—

(a) sums advanced to the Board pursuant to section 18 , and

(b) all other payments made to the Fund or the Board, including contributions paid into the Fund pursuant to section 29 by persons who have been granted legal aid and advice and costs and damages recovered by such persons and paid into the Fund pursuant to section 33 in accordance with regulations (if any) made under section 37 .

(3) There shall be paid out of the Fund such sums as are required to be expended by the Board in order that it may perform its functions under this Act.