Consumer Credit Act, 1995

Powers of Director in respect of investigations.

5.—(1) The Director may, for the purposes of an investigation by him under this Act, require any person who, in the opinion of the Director is in possession of information, or has a record or thing in his power or control, that is relevant to the investigation to furnish that information, record or thing to the Director and, where appropriate, may require the person to attend before him for that purpose and the person shall comply with the requirement.

(2) A person to whom a requirement is addressed under this section shall be entitled to the same immunities and privileges as if he were a witness before a court.

(3) A person shall not by act or omission obstruct or hinder the Director in the performance of his functions under this Act or do any other thing which would, if the Director were a court having power to commit for contempt of court, be in contempt of such court.

(4) Where a person is in contempt under subsection (3) the Director may apply to the High Court to commit the person for such contempt.