Consumer Credit Act, 1995

Correction of incorrect information.

143.—(1) Where a consumer has been given information under section 142 which he considers is incorrect the consumer may within 28 days of receipt give notice to the person requiring the removal or the amendment of the information.

(2) A person referred to in subsection (1) shall within 28 days after receiving a notice under that subsection inform the consumer that he has—

(a) removed the information,

(b) amended the information, or

(c) taken no action.

(3) Where the consumer concerned feels aggrieved by any action taken by a person under subsection (1) he may request in writing, together with a fee of £10 or such other amount (if any) as may stand specified in regulations, the Director to investigate the matter.

(4) Where the Director having considered a request under subsection (3) decides to investigate the matter he may make any such direction as he considers appropriate in relation to the information concerned and a person to whom such direction is given shall comply with the direction.