Consumer Credit Act, 1995

Records to be maintained by moneylender.

101.—(1) A moneylender shall, in respect of every moneylending agreement, made after the commencement of this section, to which the moneylender is a party, keep a record of the agreement which shall include the following information:

(a) the agreement number or other reference to identify the agreement,

(b) the name and address of the borrower,

(c) the amount of the credit advanced under the agreement,

(d) the date the credit is advanced,

(e) the amount of each repayment instalment,

(f) the rate of interest charged including the APR,

(g) the amount of each collection charge (if any),

(h) the number of instalments,

(i) the total amount payable in respect of the loan, and

(j) a Schedule showing, in respect of each repayment—

(i) the date the repayment is made,

(ii) the amount of the repayment,

(iii) the amount still outstanding after deduction of the repayment, and

(iv) the name of the person to whom the repayment is made.

(2) A moneylender shall retain a record kept under subsection (1) for a period of not less than 5 years after the final repayment instalment under the agreement.

(3) A moneylender or a person acting on his behalf shall not reveal to any person other than to the borrower concerned or a person authorised by the borrower, a court, the Minister, the Director or any authorised officer any of the contents of records maintained by him under this section.