Ethics in Public Office Act, 1995

Designated directorships.

17.—(1) A person who holds or held a designated directorship of a public body specified in subparagraphs (8) to (12), or standing prescribed under subparagraph (13), of paragraph 1 of the First Schedule

(a) shall, subject to section 20 (3), in each year during any part of which he or she holds or held the directorship, prepare and furnish to the Commission and to such officer of the body as may be determined by the Minister a statement in writing of—

(i) the interests of the person, and

(ii) the interests of which he or she has actual knowledge of his or her spouse or a child of the person or of his or her spouse,

during the appropriate period specified in section 20 (1) which could materially influence the person in or in relation to the performance of the functions of the directorship by reason of the fact that such performance could so affect those interests as to confer on or withhold from the person or the spouse or child a substantial benefit, and

(b) in any case where such a function, or a function of any other office or position held by the person in that public body, falls to be performed and he or she has actual knowledge that he or she or a connected person has a material interest in a matter to which the function relates—

(i) shall, as soon as may be, prepare and furnish to the other directors of the body a statement in writing of those facts,

(ii) shall not perform the function unless there are compelling reasons requiring him or her to do so, and

(iii) shall, if he or she proposes to perform the function, prepare and furnish to the other directors of the body and to the Commission, before or, if that is not reasonably practicable, as soon as may be after such performance, a statement in writing of the compelling reasons aforesaid.

(2) There shall be deemed to be included in the terms on which a person holds a designated directorship referred to in subsection (1) a term that the person shall comply with that subsection.