Ethics in Public Office Act, 1995


Office Holders

Statements of office holders' additional interests for Clerks.

13.—(1) A person who is an office holder on a registration date shall prepare a statement in writing, in such form as may be determined by the Minister or in a form to the like effect, of his or her additional interests (if any) and containing appropriate information in relation to such matters (if any) respecting those interests as may be specified in the first-mentioned form, being additional interests of the person—

(a) if the person is an office holder on the first registration date, at any time during the period from the passing of this Act to that date, and

(b) if the person is an office holder on a subsequent registration date, at any time when he was an office holder during the period between that registration date and the last previous registration date.

(2) It shall not be necessary to specify in a statement under subsection (1) the amount or monetary value of any additional interest or the remuneration of any trade, profession, employment, vocation or other occupation included in the statement.

(3) The Clerk shall, as soon as may be after the receipt by him or her of a statement under subsection (1), furnish a copy thereof to the Commission and (if it is a statement of a Minister of the Government or a Minister of State) the Taoiseach.

(4) A statement under this section of a person who is an office holder on any registration date shall be furnished by the person to the Clerk not later than 30 days after that date.

(5) In this section “additional interest”, in relation to an office holder, means any interest specified in the Second Schedule of which the office holder has actual knowledge of—

(a) the spouse of the office holder, or

(b) a child of the office holder or of his or her spouse,

which could materially influence the office holder in or in relation to the performance of the functions of his or her office by reason of the fact that such performance could so affect those interests as to confer on or withhold from the office holder or the spouse or child a substantial benefit.