Local Government (Delimitation of Water Supply Disconnection Powers) Act, 1995

Costs and expenses of sanitary authority.

4.—(1) Where the Court grants a water discontinuance order it shall, unless it is satisfied that there are special and substantial reasons for not so doing, order the consumer to pay to the sanitary authority the costs and expenses, measured by the Court, incurred by the sanitary authority in, and incidental to, its application for a water discontinuance order.

(2) Where a supply of water is disconnected pursuant to a water discontinuance order the cost of reconnection shall be payable by the consumer and such cost shall include the cost of discontinuance.

(3) Where a supply of water has been discontinued pursuant to a water discontinuance order, the cost of the discontinuance shall be recoverable in any proceedings for the recovery of the charge for a supply of water for domestic purposes under section 65A of the Act of 1878.