Minerals Development Act, 1995

Validation of renewals and renewal clauses of certain prospecting licences.

3.—(1) Where a prospecting licence granted by the Minister under section 8 of the Principal Act has been renewed by the Minister prior to the passing of this Act, such renewal shall be and be deemed always to have been as valid and effectual as if the licence had been duly renewed in accordance with the clause deemed to have been inserted or contained in the said licence by virtue of subsection (6) (inserted by section 2 of this Act) of the said section 8.

(2) Every clause providing for the renewal or successive renewals of a prospecting licence contained in such a licence granted by the Minister under the said section 8 before the passing of the Minerals Development Act, 1995, shall be deemed to have been validly inserted therein in pursuance of a power in that behalf conferred on the Minister by the Principal Act.

(3) If, because of any validation expressed to be effected by subsection (1) or (2) of this section the said subsection (1) or (2) would, but for this subsection, conflict with a constitutional right of any person, the validation shall be subject to such limitation as is necessary to secure that it does not so conflict but shall be otherwise of full force and effect.