Local Government Act, 1994

Cesser of Towns Improvement (Ireland) Act, 1854 in certain areas.

62.—(1) The Towns Improvement (Ireland) Act, 1854 , (“the Act of 1854”) shall cease to apply to the relevant areas referred to in subsection (4) and accordingly separate local authority estimates shall no longer be prepared in respect of such areas.

(2) The successor for all purposes of town commissioners established under the Act of 1854 in respect of the relevant areas shall in each case be the council of the county which includes the particular area and all land and other property of the said commissioners shall vest in the council without any conveyance or transfer.

(3) The use of any or all of the relevant areas or of areas generally to which the Act of 1854 applied immediately before the commencement of this section by any other enactment for the purposes of defining the area of application or operation of such enactment or for any similar or related purpose shall not be affected by the cesser of application effected by subsection (1) save as may be otherwise so provided by regulations made under this subsection by the Minister responsible for the particular enactment in question and every such enactment shall be subject to and shall have effect in accordance with any such regulations.

(4) The relevant areas for the purpose of this section are the areas of Callan, Fethard, Newcastle West, Rathkeale, Roscommon and Tullow to which the Act of 1854 applies.