Local Government Act, 1994

Reorganisation report.

56.—(1) The Commission shall prepare and submit to the Minister a reorganisation report which shall contain proposals as to—

(a) (i) arrangements for satisfactory local government for towns in the State including the number of classes of local authority which should be established for such towns,

(ii) the general role and functions appropriate to each such class of authority,

(iii) financial, staffing and organisational matters in respect of each such class, and

(iv) consequential implications for county councils and the appropriate relationships between each such class and such councils;

(b) the appropriate class for each town for which there is a local authority in existence at the commencement of this Part;

(c) appropriate criteria and procedures for the establishment of a local authority in a town where there is no local authority;

(d) such other (if any) matters relating to local government as the Commission may consider relevant or as the Minister may request;

(e) the measures to be taken and the arrangements to be made (including administrative, statutory and transitional arrangements) for the implementation of the proposals.

(2) The Commission shall be independent in the performance of its functions.