Local Government Act, 1994

Guidelines for Commission.

55.—(1) In this section and section 56 , except where the context otherwise requires, a reference to a town includes a reference to a borough (other than a county borough), an urban district, a town for which town commissioners are elected, and a town to which section 56 (1) (c) applies.

(2) In the preparation of a report pursuant to section 56 the Commission shall have regard to—

(a) the need to secure maximum benefit from the operation of the local government system generally, including the representation of local community interests;

(b) the need for effectiveness, efficiency and economy and to ensure that the best use is made of available resources in the operation of the local government system and in particular to safeguard the position of county councils as the primary units of local government;

(c) the need to ensure there is no avoidable increase in financial demands on the Exchequer or on local authorities with consequential implications for taxpayers and locally and that there is no avoidable increase in existing staff numbers and costs;

(d) community identity, civic tradition, local capabilities and capacities and the provision of a proper system of local government for towns consistent with the foregoing paragraphs; and

(e) such submissions as may be made to it pursuant to section 57 .