Local Government Act, 1994

Fixed payment notices.

41.—(1) A bye-law may provide for a person to be served with a notice, specifying a fixed payment, not exceeding such amount as may be prescribed, in respect of a contravention of a bye-law as an alternative to a prosecution for the contravention and where the bye-law so provides it shall specify—

(a) the amount of the fixed payment, and

(b) the period within which it must be paid in order to avoid prosecution.

(2) A notice referred to in subsection (1) shall specify—

(a) the name and address of the alleged offender;

(b) in general terms the nature of the contravention alleged to have been committed;

(c) the date and place of the alleged contravention;

(d) the amount of the payment;

(e) the period within which and the place where the fixed payment may be made; and

(f) that the alleged offender is entitled to disregard the notice and defend a prosecution of the alleged contravention in court.