Local Government Act, 1994


Meetings and Procedures of Local Authorities

Meetings and procedures of local authorities.

30.—(1) The Minister may by regulations make provision in respect of all or any local authorities with respect to meetings and procedures or to any matter arising in connection therewith or related thereto.

(2) Without prejudice to the generality of subsection (1) regulations under this section may, in particular, include provision in respect of—

(a) annual meetings, estimates meetings, ordinary meetings, special or other specified meetings,

(b) business of meetings,

(c) place, date and time of meetings,

(d) notice of meetings,

(e) summons and agenda,

(f) quorum,

(g) failure to hold a meeting,

(h) commencement and termination of meetings,

(i) chairman of meeting,

(j) doing of acts, deciding of questions and methods and procedures for voting generally or in respect of specified matters,

(k) disclosure of specified interests,

(l) consideration of motions generally or motions under specified enactments or in respect of specified matters,

(m) adjournment,

(n) disorderly conduct,

(o) record of attendance,

(p) minutes,

(q) attendance of persons other than members of the relevant local authority,

(r) standing orders and specified matters to be included therein,

(s) the application of any provision of the regulations to specified bodies, and

(t) specified conditions or requirements to apply in relation to any matter which is the subject of the regulations.

(3) Upon the commencement of regulations under this section, the matters with respect to which the regulations were made shall, as respects any local authority to which the regulations apply, be governed by the provisions of the regulations, and such previous provisions (whether made by or under statute) as may be specified in the regulations applying to that authority and relating to those matters shall cease to have effect as respects that authority to such extent as may be so specified.