Terms of Employment (Information) Act, 1994

Enforcement of determinations of Tribunal.

9.—(1) (a) If an employer fails to carry out in accordance with its terms a determination of the Tribunal in relation to a complaint under section 7 within 6 weeks from the date on which the determination is communicated to the parties, the District Court shall, on application to it in that behalf by—

(i) the employee concerned,

(ii) the employee's trade union, or

(iii) the Minister, if the Minister considers it appropriate to make the application having regard to all the circumstances,

without hearing the employer or any evidence (other than in relation to the matters aforesaid) make an order directing the employer to carry out the determination in accordance with its terms.

(b) In paragraph (a) the reference to a determination of the Tribunal is a reference to such a determination in relation to which, at the expiration of the time for bringing an appeal against it, no such appeal has been brought, or if such an appeal has been brought it has been abandoned and the reference to the date on which the determination is communicated to the parties shall, in a case where such an appeal is abandoned, be construed as a reference to the date of such abandonment.

(2) The District Court may, in an order under this section, if in all the circumstances it considers it appropriate to do so, where the order relates to the payment of compensation, direct the employer concerned to pay to the employee concerned interest on the compensation at the rate referred to in section 22 of the Courts Act, 1981 , in respect of the whole or any part of the period beginning 6 weeks after the date on which the determination of the Tribunal is communicated to the parties and ending on the date of the order.

(3) Proceedings under this section shall be heard by the judge assigned to the district court district in which the employer concerned ordinarily resides or carries on any profession, business or occupation.