Social Welfare Act, 1994

Carer's allowance (rate of allowance and calculation of means).

16.—(1) Section 165 of the Principal Act is hereby amended by the substitution for subsection (2) of the following subsection:

“(2) A carer's allowance shall be payable where—

(a) the weekly means of the claimant or beneficiary do not exceed £6, at the scheduled rate, and

(b) such weekly means exceed £6, at the scheduled rate reduced by £2 for each amount (if any) of £2 by which those weekly means exceed £6, any fraction of £2 in those weekly means being treated for this purpose as £2:

Provided that, if the rate calculated pursuant to this paragraph at which, but for this proviso, the carer's allowance would be payable is less than £2, the allowance shall not be payable.”.

(2) Rule 4 of Part II of the Third Schedule to the Principal Act is hereby amended by—

(a) the insertion after paragraph (1) of the following paragraph:

“(1A) In the case of carer's allowance, in calculating the means of the other member of the couple for the purposes of paragraph (1), such amount, as may be prescribed, of his earnings (including wages and profit from any form of self-employment) shall be disregarded.”, and

(b) the substitution in paragraph (2) of “In this Rule” for “In paragraph (1)”.

(3) This section shall come into operation on the 28th day of July, 1994.