Industrial Training (Apprenticeship Levy) Act, 1994

Use of levy proceeds.

5.—(1) The proceeds of levy shall be used by An Foras for or towards—

(a) off-the-job wages or training allowances of apprentices employed by employers who are liable to pay levy,

(b) costs incurred by apprentices while in training in a training or educational establishment approved of by An Foras for such training,

(c) the monitoring, assessment and certification costs of the apprenticeship system operated by An Foras, and

(d) such other expenditure in relation to the training of apprentices as the Minister may, with the consent of the Minister for Finance, determine after consultation with such organisation or association of organisations as appears to the Minister to be—

(i) representative of substantial numbers of employers in the sector of industry concerned, and

(ii) representative of substantial numbers of persons employed in the sector of the industry concerned.

(2) In subsection (1) (a), “off-the-job wages or training allowances” means wages or allowances paid to an apprentice while the apprentice undergoes training or instruction as part of a scheme of training or instruction, in circumstances where the production of any thing or provision of any service in the ordinary course of business is not the primary objective of such scheme, and where such training or instruction takes place at an establishment of An Foras or for the time being approved by An Foras or at an educational establishment approved by the Department of Education for the purposes of the Industrial Training Acts, 1967 and 1994.