Solicitors (Amendment) Act, 1994


Miscellaneous Provisions

Roll of solicitors (section 9 of Principal Act).

65.—The Principal Act is hereby amended by the substitution of the following section for section 9:

Roll of solicitors.

9.—(1) The registrar shall maintain a roll of solicitors (in this Act referred to as ‘the roll’).

(2) The roll, which may be kept in an electronic or such other non-written form as is considered appropriate by the Society, shall be available for inspection during office hours without payment by any person who applies to inspect it.

(3) If the roll is kept in an electronic or other non-written form, the Society may comply with its obligation to have the roll available for inspection under subsection (2) of this section by making any relevant entry available in written form for inspection in accordance with the said subsection (2).”.