Milk (Regulation of Supply) Act, 1994


Powers of inspection and examination.

15.—(1) An inspector may—

(a) at all times enter upon and have free access to any premises in which milk is or is believed to be sold, or kept, exposed or stored for sale, or the premises of any person engaged in the business of carrying goods for reward, or any railway wagon, motor lorry, cart or other vehicle used for the conveyance of goods;

(b) open and examine all milk tankards or other receptacles found in any place or vehicle to which he has access by virtue of this section and in which milk is believed to be;

(c) ask of any person having the custody or possession of any milk, milk tankards or other receptacles found in the exercise of the inspector's functions under this section such questions in relation to the milk, tankards or other receptacles as the inspector thinks proper, and demand and take the name and address of any such person and also demand and take from any such person the name and address of the owner of the milk, tankards or other receptacles;

(d) take without payment, from any such milk tankard or other receptacle, containing milk, a sample not exceeding half of one litre.

(2) A producer or processor shall, at the request of an inspector, make full disclosure of information concerning any particular supply, sale, purchase or delivery of milk or concerning any arrangement or other matter relating thereto and give access to and make available all such information to the inspector.

(3) Every person who—

(a) obstructs or impedes an inspector in the exercise of functions under this section, or

(b) fails or refuses to answer to the best of that person's knowledge and ability any question asked by an inspector in the exercise of any such function, or

(c) gives an answer to any such question which is to that person's knowledge false or misleading, or

(d) fails or refuses to give a name or address on request under this section, or gives a name or an address which is false or misleading,

shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding £500.