Irish Horseracing Industry Act, 1994


Authorised Racecourses

Authorised Racecourses.

59.—(1) The Authority shall, subject to such terms and conditions as it thinks fit, grant an authorisation (“a racecourse authorisation”) to a licensed racecourse (“authorised racecourse”) where the Authority considers it is able to provide appropriate facilities and services to carry on horseracing at race-meetings and accommodate persons associated with horseracing (including members of the public watching horseracing).

(2) (a) An authorised racecourse shall be authorised for a period of 5 years—

(i) in the case of a first racecourse authorisation, from such date as the Authority may determine, or

(ii) in the case of a second or subsequent racecourse authorisation, from the day after the expiry of the last authorisation.

(b) Application for a racecourse authorisation shall be made by the executive of the licensed racecourse concerned to the Authority and shall be in such form and contain such information as the Authority may decide.

(3) The Authority may where it has reasonable grounds to believe that an authorised racecourse is not complying with any term or condition of a racecourse authorisation revoke or suspend (for such period as it thinks fit) the authorisation.

(4) An authorised racecourse (within the meaning of the Act of 1945) in existence immediately before the establishment day shall on that day be deemed to be an authorised racecourse for a period of two years.

(5) The Authority may, as it sees fit, from time to time, attach new terms or conditions to a racecourse authorisation.

(6) (a) The Authority may require in the interests of the horseracing industry the executive of a racecourse which is not an authorised racecourse not to operate a racecourse.

(b) The executive concerned shall comply with a requirement made of it under this subsection.