Irish Horseracing Industry Act, 1994


The Bookmakers Appeal Committee

Bookmakers Appeal Committee.

56.—(1) There shall, on the establishment day, be a committee (to be known as the Bookmakers Appeal Committee) to determine the appeals provided for by section 57 .

(2) The Bookmakers Appeal Committee shall consist of the following members—

(a) a chairman who shall be a judge or a practising barrister or solicitor of at least 7 years’ standing, and

(b) 4 ordinary members.

(3) The members of the Bookmakers Appeal Committee shall be appointed by the Minister and shall be eligible for re-appointment and each appointment shall, subject to subsection (5), be for a period of 3 years and, subject to the provisions of this section, each such member shall hold office as such member upon such terms and conditions as the Minister may determine at the time of his appointment.

(4) A member of the Bookmakers Appeal Committee may, by letter addressed to the Minister, resign his membership.

(5) The term of office of a member of the Bookmakers Appeal Committee appointed to fill a casual vacancy on the Committee shall be the remainder of the term of office of the member in relation to whom the vacancy occurred.

(6) Where the chairman of the Bookmakers Appeal Committee is temporarily unable to act, he shall appoint another member to act in his place.

(7) The quorum of the Bookmakers Appeal Commitee shall be 3.

(8) A determination shall not be made by the Bookmakers Appeal Committee unless a majority of the Bookmakers Appeal Committee hearing the appeal are in favour of the determination.

(9) A member of the Bookmakers Appeal Committee (other than a judge) shall be paid by the Authority such remuneration (if any) and allowances for expenses (if any) as the Authority determines, with the consent of the Minister and the Minister for Finance, and the expenses (including that of a judge) of the Committee shall, be paid by the Authority.