Irish Horseracing Industry Act, 1994

Regulations in relation to authorised bookmakers.

53.—(1) Subject to this section, the Authority may, by regulations, provide—

(a) for fixing the conditions governing and fixing the charges to be made by the executive of an authorised racecourse to an authorised bookmaker for admission to the racecourse (and different charges may be fixed in respect of different authorised racecourses and in respect of different parts of the same racecourse):

Provided that in fixing such conditions and charges, the Authority shall not fix for the admission of an authorised bookmaker to any part of that racecourse a charge exceeding 5 times the charge then made to a member of the public for admission to that part,

(b) for governing the activities of bookmakers at authorised racecourses, including the range of betting services to be made available,

(c) for the provision of facilities for authorised bookmakers by the executive of an authorised racecourse,

(d) for the permitting of authorised bookmakers to operate from betting offices,

(e) for the regulation of—

(i) the range of betting services to be made available at betting offices,

(ii) the structure and location of betting offices,

(iii) the operation and opening hours of betting offices,

(iv) the persons who may be admitted to, or permitted to place bets at, betting offices,

(v) good order and conduct at betting offices.

(2) Any regulations made under subsection (1) (e) (iii) in respect of the opening hours of betting offices shall not permit such betting offices to open for business for any time before the racegoing public are permitted admission by the executive of an authorised racecourse to a race-fixture or to remain open later than one hour after the conclusion of the last race of the fixture.

(3) The Authority where it proposes to make regulations under subsection (1) may have regard to any agreement between authorised racecourses and authorised bookmakers in relation to any matter referred to in that subsection.

(4) A person to whom any regulation made under subsection (1) applies shall comply with such regulation.