Health Insurance Act, 1994

Functions of Authority.

21.—(1) In addition to the functions conferred on the Authority by sections 12 , 14 , 15 , 17 and 18 , the principal functions of the Authority shall be—

(a) to manage and administer any schemes prescribed under section 12 , and to establish and maintain the fund referred to in that section,

(b) to maintain the Register,

(c) to evaluate and analyse returns made to it under section 12 (4),

(d) to advise the Minister either at his or her request or on its own initiative on matters relating to the functions of the Minister under this Act, the functions of the Authority and health insurance generally, and

(e) to monitor the operation of this Act and the carrying on of health insurance business and developments in relation to health insurance generally.

(2) The Authority shall have all such powers as are necessary for or incidental to the performance of its functions.