Criminal Justice Act, 1994

Voidance of dispositions designed to frustrate confiscation, etc.

60.—Where any property of whatever kind and wherever situated, or any interest in such property, becomes subject to confiscation, forfeiture or any measure of restraint or control by virtue of any provision of this Act (including any provision for giving effect to orders made under the law of any country or territory outside the State) or of any action taken under any such provision, no purported disposition of the property or interest, and no other action purporting to be taken in respect of it, by or on behalf of any owner or other person having or claiming to have any interest in it (whether as beneficial owner or trustee or in any other capacity) in reliance on the law of any country or territory outside the State shall have effect so as to prevent the confiscation, forfeiture or measure from taking effect as provided by this Act.