Comptroller and Auditor General (Amendment) Act, 1993


20.—(1) The enactments specified in column (3) of the Fourth Schedule at any reference number are hereby repealed to the extent specified in column (4) of that Schedule at that reference number.

(2) Notwithstanding the repeal relating to section 125 (2) of the Vocational Education Act, 1930 , the Vocational Education (Accounts, Audit and Procedure) Regulations, 1931 (S.R. & O., No. 20 of 1931), shall continue in force as if made after such repeal and may be amended or revoked accordingly.

(3) A provision of any statute or charter or any instrument made under statute or charter that relates to the auditing of the accounts of a person, or fund, to which any provision of this Act applies or otherwise relates to any such accounts and is inconsistent with a provision of this Act shall cease to have effect.