Criminal Justice Act, 1993

Minor and consequential provisions.

4.—(1) The registrar of a court which has imposed a sentence on conviction of a person on indictment shall—

(a) give to the Director of Public Prosecutions, on request, a copy of any reports or other relevant documents that were considered by the court before it imposed the sentence, and

(b) if the sentence has become the subject of an application under section 2 , give a copy of those documents to the Court of Criminal Appeal and the convicted person.

(2) Where an application has been made to the Court of Criminal Appeal under section 2 or an appeal has been made to the Supreme Court under section 3

(a) a legal aid (appeal) certificate or, as the case may be, a legal aid (Supreme Court) certificate shall be deemed, for the purposes of the Criminal Justice (Legal Aid) Act, 1962 , to have been granted in respect of the person whose sentence is the subject of the application or appeal, and

(b) the person shall be entitled to free legal aid in the preparation and conduct of his case before the Court of Criminal Appeal or the Supreme Court and to have a solicitor and counsel assigned to him for that purpose in the manner prescribed by regulations under section 10 of that Act.