Criminal Justice Act, 1993

Amendment of Criminal Procedure Act, 1967 .

11.—The Criminal Procedure Act, 1967 , shall, in relation to a person who gives evidence through a live television link at the preliminary examination of an offence to which section 5 of this Act applies, have effect with the following modifications:

(a) in section 7—

(i) in subsection (1) (which deals with the matters to be considered by the district judge conducting such an examination), “, any evidence given through a live television link” shall be inserted after “section”, and

(ii) subsection (2) (which deals with the giving of evidence at such an examination by sworn deposition) shall not apply in relation to him,

(b) an order may be made under section 9 (which deals with witness orders) requiring him to attend and give evidence before the court to which the accused person concerned has been sent forward for trial and to produce any document or thing specified in the order.