Merchant Shipping (Salvage and Wreck) Act, 1993

Seizure and retention of property for use in criminal proceedings.

62.—Where in the course of exercising any powers under—

(a) in the case of a member of the Garda Síochána, section 10 , 44 or 57 , or

(b) in the case of a receiver of wreck, section 57 ,

such member or receiver finds or comes into possession of anything which such member or receiver believes to be evidence of any offence or suspected offence under the Merchant Shipping Acts, 1894 to 1993, it may be seized and retained for use in evidence in any criminal proceedings, for such period from the date of seizure as is reasonable or, if proceedings are commenced in which the thing so seized is required for use in evidence, until the conclusion on the proceedings, and thereafter the Police (Property) Act, 1897 , shall, without prejudice to section 61 , apply to the thing so seized in the same manner as that Act applies to property which has come into the possession of the Garda Síochána in the circumstances mentioned in that Act as if the reference in section 1 (1) of that Act to delivery of the property to the person appearing to be the owner thereof were a reference to delivery of the property to the person appearing to be entitled to possession thereof.