Diplomatic and Consular Officers (Provision of Services) Act, 1993

Powers as to oaths and notarial acts abroad.

5.—(1) Every person to whom this section applies may, in any country or place outside the State in which he is for the time being exercising the functions of his office, administer any oath and takeany affidavit, and may also do any notarial act which a notary public can do in the State, and every oath, affidavit and notarial act administered, sworn or done by or before such person in such country or place shall be as effectual as if duly administered, sworn or done by or before any lawful authority in the State.

(2) Any document purporting to have affixed thereon or thereto, or to have impressed thereon, the seal of any person or of a mission and to have subscribed thereto the signature of such person, being a person to whom this section applies, in testimony of any oath, affidavit or act being administered, taken or done by or before him, shall be admitted in evidence (saving all just exceptions) without proof of the seal or signature being the seal of such person or mission or signature of such person, or of the status and official character of such person.