Social Welfare (No. 2) Act, 1993


Miscellaneous Amendments

Amendment of section 2 of Principal Act (definitions).

11.—Section 2 (1) (as amended by section 3 ) of the Principal Act is hereby amended by—

(a) the insertion after the definition of “deciding officer” of the following definition:

“‘developing country’ means any country which the Minister, having regard to the countries so designated by the United Nations, the World Bank or the International Labour Organisation as developing countries and after consultation with the Minister for Foreign Affairs, may determine, for the purposes of this Act, to be a developing country;”,

(b) the insertion after the definition of “the Minister” of the following definition:

“‘non-governmental agency’ means any organisation which has as one of its functions the promotion of relief and development in developing countries through the sponsoring or aiding of projects involving the employment of volunteer development workers in those countries;”,


(c) the insertion after the definition of “voluntary contributor” of the following definition:

“‘volunteer development worker’ means a person who is employed temporarily outside the State in a developing country and has secured such employment either—

(a) by or through the organisation known as the Agency for Personal Services Overseas or by or through a non-governmental agency in the State, or

(b) by or through a governmental or non-governmental agency in any Member State other than the State, or

(c) directly with the government of a developing country,

and who is employed by any of the aforesaid agencies or by the government of the developing country or by both under conditions of remuneration similar to local conditions applying in the said country and who was resident in the State immediately prior to taking up such employment;”.