Local Government (Dublin) Act, 1993

School attendance committee.

21.—(1) On the establishment day, the borough area shall become and be a school attendance area for the purposes of the School Attendance Acts, 1926 to 1967, and there shall accordingly be a school attendance committee for that area which shall be the successor of committees which existed before that day.

(2) Notwithstanding the provisions of the School Attendance Acts, 1926 to 1967, or any order made under those Acts—

(a) the members of the school attendance committees for school attendance areas in the borough immediately prior to the establishment day, shall on such day become and be the members of the committee referred to in subsection (1), and

(b) the said members shall (subject to death, resignation or otherwise ceasing to hold office) continue in office until the expiry of the period for which they were appointed and for that period the provisions of the said Acts as to the filling of casual vacancies shall cease to apply and have effect in respect of that committee.

(3) The provisions of the School Attendance Acts, 1926 to 1967 shall apply to the said committee and to all appointments to be made to that committee subsequent to those to which subsection (2) applies in like manner as they apply to other school attendance committees.