Irish Aviation Authority Act, 1993

Application to state aircraft.

3.—(1) Subject to the provisions of this section, this Act (other than this section and section 68 ) shall not apply to state aircraft or to aerodromes under the control of the Minister for Defence.

(2) Subject to the Defence Acts, 1954 to 1993, and the exigencies of the security of the State, aircraft of the Defence Forces being operated in Irish airspace outside a designated area (within the meaning of section 68 ) shall be so operated in accordance with any arrangements in force for the time being made by the Minister for Defence and the company.

(3) Aircraft being used for customs or police purposes of the State shall, when being operated in Irish airspace, comply with any directions issued by virtue of section 60 that are in force unless, in the case of an emergency, such compliance is not reasonably possible.

(4) The Minister may by order declare that specified provisions of, or of instruments under, this Act shall, with any specified modifications, apply to state aircraft (other than state aircraft of the State), and any such provision so declared shall apply and have effect accordingly.

(5) In this section “state aircraft” means aircraft of any state used in the military, customs or police service of that state.