Irish Aviation Authority Act, 1993


Annexes to Chicago Convention in relation to which functions stand conferred on company.

Sections 14 , 58 to 60 , 67 and 72 .

Annexe 1 —Personnel Licensing

Annexe 2 —Rules of the Air

Annexe 4 —Aeronautical Charts

Annexe 5 —Units of Measurement to be used in Ground and Air Operations

Annexe 6 —Operation of Aircraft

Annexe 7 —Aircraft Nationality and Registration Marks

Annexe 8 —Airworthiness of Aircraft

Annexe 10—Aeronautical Telecommunications

Annexe 11—Air Traffic Services

Annexe 14—Aerodromes

Annexe 15—Aeronautical Information Services

Annexe 16—Environmental Protection

Annexe 18—The Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air