Presidential Elections Act, 1993

Declaration of the result of the poll.

56.—(1) On the completion of the ascertainment of the result of the voting at a presidential election, the presidential returning officer shall—

(a) determine and declare the result and the candidate deemed to be elected under section 50 shall thereupon stand elected as the President,

(b) send to the Taoiseach a certificate in the prescribed form stating the name of the candidate elected, the total number of votes credited to each candidate (whether the candidate is or is not elected), any transfer of votes made under this Part and the total number of votes credited to each candidate at the end of the count at which such transfer took place, and

(c) send to the Minister and to the person elected to be the President a copy of the certificate referred to in paragraph (b) and publish in Iris Oifigiúil a copy of the certificate.

(2) As soon as may be after the presidential returning officer has declared a candidate (in this subsection referred to as the President Elect) to have been elected to be the President, the presidential returning officer shall, in the manner directed by the Government, inform the President, the President Elect, the Taoiseach, the Chief Justice, the Chairman of the Dáil, the Chairman of the Seanad and the Secretary to the President, of the name and address of the President Elect.