Presidential Elections Act, 1993

Candidates entitled to free postage.

32.—(1) Each candidate at an election may, subject to such conditions as may be specified under section 74 of the Postal and Telecommunications Services Act, 1983 , send, free of any charge for postage, to each person on the register of presidential electors or to any combination of such persons, one postal communication containing matter relating to the election only and not exceeding 50 grammes in weight.

(2) A candidate shall not exercise the right of free postage conferred by this section unless and until the candidate and at least one other person have been declared by the presidential returning officer to stand nominated as candidates at the election concerned and the election has been adjourned for the purpose of taking a poll.

(3) An Post may permit a candidate to exercise the right aforesaid before the candidate is entitled under subsection (2) so to do upon his giving such security as may be required by An Post for the payment of the postage on all communications sent by him under this section in the event of his not becoming so entitled to exercise the said right.

(4) The conditions referred to in subsection (1) may include conditions in relation to the time and place at and the manner in which communications for delivery under this section are presented to An Post.