Presidential Elections Act, 1993

Persons permitted to attend at the ruling on nominations.

21.—The following (and no other) persons shall be entitled to be present at the ruling on nominations:

(a) the presidential returning officer and his assistants,

(b) the judicial assessor and one person brought by the assessor to attend on him,

(c) the persons purported to be nominated as candidates at the election concerned,

(d) the authorised representatives (if any) of the persons purported to be so nominated, but not more than one such representative of each such person,

(e) not more than 2 other persons brought by each person purported to be so nominated (or, if the person is not present, by the person's authorised representative) to assist the person or the representative,

(f) witnesses giving oral evidence, but only while giving such evidence,

(g) such other persons as the presidential returning officer thinks proper to admit.