Presidential Elections Act, 1993

Notice of receipt of nomination paper.

19.—(1) Whenever the presidential returning officer receives in accordance with section 14 a nomination paper purporting to nominate a person to be a candidate at an election, the officer shall—

(a) forthwith give by post or otherwise to the person named in the nomination paper as a candidate at the election notice in writing stating that the presidential returning officer has received the nomination paper and that the person is purported to be nominated as aforesaid (as the case may be) by a named council of a county or corporation of a county borough or by members (who need not be named) of the Oireachtas or by a former or the retiring President, and

(b) give public notice of the receipt of the nomination paper.

(2) The omission of the presidential returning officer to give or the failure of the person named as aforesaid to receive the notice referred to in subsection (1) shall not relieve the latter person from the obligation imposed on the person by this Act to attend at the ruling on nominations.