Social Welfare (Consolidation) Act, 1993

Grant of supplementary welfare allowance in cases of urgency.

[1981, s. 213(1)]

182.—(1) Nothing in section 172, 173 or 174 shall prevent the payment of supplementary welfare allowance in an urgent case and, in determining whether an allowance is payable by virtue of this section and the amount or nature of the allowance, the health board shall not be bound by anything contained in sections 176 to 179 and Part III of the Third Schedule or in any regulations made under this Chapter which appears to it inappropriate in the circumstances of the case.

[1981, s. 213(2)]

(2) Where pursuant to subsection (1) supplementary welfare allowance is paid to a person who is engaged in remunerative full-time work, a health board may, if it is satisfied that in all the circumstances of the case it would be equitable so to do, determine that the whole or part of the allowance so paid shall be recoverable from the person to whom it is paid.