Social Welfare (Consolidation) Act, 1993

Allowances in kind.

[1981, s. 211(1)]

180.—(1) Whenever it appears to a health board that by reason of exceptional circumstances the needs of a person can best be met by the provision of goods or services instead of the whole or part of any payment to which he would otherwise be entitled under this Chapter, the health board may determine that such goods or services be provided for him under arrangements made by the board.

[1981, s. 211(2)]

(2) In making a determination under this section to meet sudden and urgent need, the health board may dispense with inquiry into means or other circumstances and with compliance with any regulations made under this Chapter.

[1981, s. 211(3)]

(3) In relation to any goods or services provided by a health board pursuant to subsection (1), references in this Chapter to the amount of supplementary welfare allowance shall be deemed to be references to the value of the goods or services so provided.