Social Welfare (Consolidation) Act, 1993

Rate of allowance.

[1990, s. 17]

165.—(1) The rate, (in this Chapter referred to as “the scheduled rate”) of carer's allowance shall be the weekly rate set out in column (2) of Part I of the Fourth Schedule increased by the appropriate amount set out in column (4) of that Part in respect of each qualified child who normally resides with the beneficiary.

[1990, s. 17]

(2) A carer's allowance shall be payable where—

(a) the weekly means of the claimant or beneficiary do not exceed £2, at the scheduled rate, and

(b) such weekly means exceed £2, at the scheduled rate reduced by £2 for each amount (if any) of £2 by which those weekly means exceed £2, any fraction of £2 in those weekly means being treated for this purpose as £2:

Provided that, if the rate calculated pursuant to this paragraph at which, but for this proviso, the carer's allowance would be payable is less than £2, the allowance shall not be payable.

[1991, s. 8(2)]

(3) Notwithstanding subsection (2), where, immediately before the 1st day of November, 1990, a prescribed relative allowance was being paid to or in respect of a claimant for a carer's allowance, the carer's allowance shall be paid at a weekly rate corresponding to the rate of prescribed relative allowance specified in column (5) of Part I of the Fourth Schedule , unless the weekly rate of carer's allowance as calculated in accordance with subsection (2) payable to that claimant is greater than the said specified rate, in which case the greater amount shall be paid.

[1990, s. 17]

(4) Any increase in carer's allowance payable pursuant to subsection (1) in respect of a qualified child who normally resides with a beneficiary and with the spouse of a beneficiary shall be payable at one-half of the appropriate amount.