Social Welfare (Consolidation) Act, 1993

Pensions of persons in certain mental institutions.

[1981, s. 171(1)]

140.—(1) Subject to subsection (2), the whole of any amounts payable on foot of old age (non-contributory) pension to a person while the person is detained in a district or auxiliary mental hospital within the meaning of the Mental Treatment Act, 1945 , or while he is detained in any place as an eligible patient, within the meaning of that Act, or in the Central Mental Hospital, shall be appropriated towards the cost of maintenance of the person in the place where he is being detained.

[1981, s. 171(2)]

(2) Where the old age (non-contributory) pension of a person is appropriated under subsection (1), the person in charge, within the meaning of the said Act, of the place where the person is detained, or, if the person is detained in the Central Mental Hospital, the Resident Physician and Governor thereof may, in his absolute discretion, do either or both of the following—

(a) pay to the person for his own use such portion of the pension as he considers proper in the particular circumstances, if, in his opinion, the person is capable of making proper use of the portion so paid,

(b) make out of the pension all or part of such of the following payments as the person in charge thinks proper in the circumstances to make and fall to be made by the person, that is to say, rent, ground rent, rates (including water rates), land purchase annuities, payments in respect of charges or mortgages, cottage purchase annuities, instalments payable under hire purchase or credit sale agreements and insurance or assurance premiums.