Social Welfare (Consolidation) Act, 1993

Single woman's allowance — transitional provisions.

[1992, s. 37(5)]

131.—(1) Where, immediately before the appointed day, a woman had applied for a single woman's allowance, and that application had not been finally determined, pre-retirement allowance shall be payable to her at the same rate as the single woman's allowance which, but for section 37 of the Social Welfare Act, 1992 , would have been payable to her.

[1992, s. 37(6)]

(2) Where, on the appointed day, a single woman was of or over the age of 56 years and under the age of 58 years, she shall, if she had not already qualified for pre-retirement allowance, be deemed for the purposes of the pre-retirement allowance—

(a) to be retired within the meaning of regulations made for the purposes of section 129(b), and

(b) to have complied with the requirement contained in section 127(1)(b),

when she attains the age of 58 years.