Animal Remedies Act, 1993

Repeals and revocations.

32.—(1) (a) The Animal Remedies Act, 1956 , and section 21 of the Diseases of Animals Act, 1966 , are hereby repealed.

(b) (i) The Therapeutic Substances Act, 1932 , is hereby repealed.

(ii) Subparagraph (i) shall come into operation on such day as may be fixed therefor by order of the Minister for Health after consultation with the Minister.

(iii) Upon the coming into operation of the order under subparagraph (ii), section 8 (1) (b) (i) shall cease to have effect.

(2) The regulations set out in the second column of the Schedule to this Act opposite the reference number in the first column thereof are hereby revoked to the extent indicated in the third column opposite that reference number.