Animal Remedies Act, 1993

Composite identity cards.

17.—(1) The Minister may issue or cause to be issued to a person an identity document in respect of one or more than one function conferred on that person by the Minister under this Act or any other enactment (whether or not with the approval, consent or otherwise of another Minister of the Government) and each such document shall indicate—

(a) that it is an identity document by reference to it being an identity card, warrant card, authorisation card or such other cognate expression as the Minister considers appropriate;

(b) the name of the person to whom it is issued;

(c) that it is issued pursuant to section 17 of the Animal Remedies Act, 1993;

(d) a reference to the provisions of every enactment in respect of which functions have been conferred by the Minister together with any designatory title (if any) for each of those functions;

and shall include a photograph of the person to whom it is issued and, either generally in respect of all such documents or in respect of a class or classes of such documents, such other matters as the Minister considers appropriate.

(2) A relevant statutory requirement shall be satisfied if, in lieu of the document to which that requirement relates being produced by the person authorised or otherwise appointed, there is produced by the person so authorised or otherwise appointed an identity document issued pursuant to subsection (1), and the relevant statutory requirement shall be construed accordingly.

(3) In this section—

“conferred”, in relation to a function, means any form of assignment of the function to a person whether by means of a warrant of appointment or otherwise;

“photograph” means a full-face photograph of the person concerned and includes any other full-face image of the person concerned which is in the nature of a photograph, whether produced electronically or otherwise;

“relevant statutory requirement” means a requirement, however expressed, in any provision of an enactment that a person authorised or otherwise appointed under the enactment to exercise any function shall, when exercising that function, produce if requested by any person affected a specific document to that person.