Unfair Dismissals (Amendment) Act, 1993

Evidence of failure to attend before or give evidence or produce documents to Tribunal.

12.—A document purporting to be signed by the chairman or a vice-chairman of the Tribunal stating that—

(a) a person named in the document was, by a notice under paragraph (c) of section 39 (17) of the Redundancy Payments Act, 1967 , required to attend before the Tribunal on a day and at a time and place specified in the document, to give evidence or produce a document,

(b) a sitting of the Tribunal was held on that day and at that time and place, and

(c) the person did not attend before the Tribunal in pursuance of the notice or, as the case may be, having so attended, refused to give evidence or refused or failed to produce the document,

shall, in a prosecution of the person under paragraph (e) of the said section 39 (17), be evidence of the matters so stated without further proof.