Statistics Act, 1993

Persons required to provide information.

27.—(1) Information requested by the Director General by delivery of a notice under section 26 of this Act or this section shall be provided in the case of—

(a) a particular person — by the person in question if currently resident in the State and if abroad by a spouse or relative resident in the person’s dwelling, or if deceased by the personal representative or next-of-kin of the deceased person’s estate who has possession of or access to the information;

(b) a person in charge of premises — by that person and, if the information is required in respect of persons resident, boarding, lodging or working in the premises, it shall be the duty of each such person to provide the required information to the person in charge;

(c) an undertaking — by any or all of the following persons who are in possession of or have access to the required information:

(i) proprietors, partners, directors, managers, liquidators, receivers and administrators of incorporated and unincorporated business undertakings;

(ii) the person in charge of any other undertaking.

(2) Where information which a person or undertaking claims to have provided in compliance with a direction made under section 26 of this Act is not in the possession of the Office, the Director General may by delivery of a further notice under that section direct the person or undertaking to provide the information by a specified date.