Statistics Act, 1993

Function of National Statistics Board.

19.—(1) The function of the National Statistics Board in guiding, with the agreement of the Taoiseach, the strategic direction of the Office shall include in particular—

(a) establishing priorities for the compilation and development of official statistics;

(b) assessing the resources of staff, equipment and finance which should be made available for the compilation of official statistics;

(c) arbitrating, subject to the final decision of the Taoiseach, on any conflicts which may arise between the Office and other public authorities relating to the extraction of statistics from records or to the co-ordination of statistical activities.

(2) The Director General shall provide such information as may be required by the Board for the proper exercise of its functions.

(3) Nothing in subsection (1) or (2) of this section shall be construed as—

(a) enabling the Board to exercise any power or control in relation to the performance, in a particular case or in particular circumstances, of a function assigned to the Director General by or under this Act;

(b) authorising appointed members of the Board to have access to information collected under this Act which can be directly or indirectly related to an identifiable person or undertaking.

Officers of Statistics