Electoral Act, 1992

Issue of postal ballot papers.

68.—(1) The returning officer shall give each candidate at least twenty four hours' notice in writing of the time and place at which, if the election is contested, he will issue the ballot papers to postal voters and of the number of persons each candidate may appoint to attend the said issue and, where any subsequent issue of ballot papers is made, the returning officer shall give each candidate, as soon as practicable, notice of the time and place at which he will make such subsequent issue and of the number of persons each candidate may appoint to attend such issue.

(2) Each ballot paper issued shall be marked with an official mark which shall be embossed or perforated so as to be visible on both sides of the paper, and the number (including polling district letter) and name of the elector as stated in the postal voters list shall be called out, and a mark shall be placed in a copy of the postal voters list opposite the number of the elector to denote that a ballot paper has been issued to the elector, but without showing the number of the ballot paper issued to him.

(3) The returning officer shall place in an envelope addressed to the postal voter—

(a) the ballot paper,

(b) the form of receipt,

(c) an envelope (in this Part referred to as a “covering envelope”) addressed to the returning officer, and

(d) a smaller envelope marked “ballot paper envelope”,

and shall effectually close the first-mentioned envelope.

(4) All envelopes addressed to the postal voters shall be counted and forthwith delivered by the returning officer to the nearest head post office or such other office as may be arranged with the head postmaster; and the postmaster shall stamp with the date stamp of An Post a form of receipt to be presented by the returning officer, stating the number of envelopes so delivered, and shall immediately forward such envelopes for delivery to the persons to whom they are addressed.

(5) Where an envelope containing a ballot paper and other documents referred to in this section is, before polling day, returned to the returning officer as not having been delivered to a postal voter, the returning officer may readdress the envelope and send it by post to that voter.